Is It Valuable to Use Aerial Photography in Dallas Residential Real Estate?

As a realtor, you are always trying to present value to your clients. By use of Drones in todays world, this gives you the opportunity to do just that, for a price you never could have imagined.

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty’s Jonathan Flores recently utilized this resource to do an aerial photo shoot on a high end house in Highland Park of Dallas, TX. We were able to capture shots and viewpoints of the exterior of the house that you just cant get from the ground.

3212 Colgate 1





Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it worth the extra money to get pictures from the air when I can get nice pictures from the ground?

It is hard to capture everything you want to show off on a house from the ground. You can capture angles and perspectives that youve never even seen. You would also be surprised as to how cost effective it really is.

What kind of home or property is best to utilize aerial photography?

You have to be making enough off of the house to be worth your expense to pay for a service like this. Typically, you want to do this for homes that have something to show off (ex: water front property, beautiful landscape, large driveway, fountains and much much more). Often times, these homes are going to be high end homes, otherwise the expense wont be worth the commission. Large properties are also great for showcasing the lay of the land and highlights with either aeral photos or an attractive video.

Do these pictures really look that much better and help sell a house?

We let our clients be the judge of that. This is something you can use to add value to helping your client sell the house. Any added or new value you can bring to the table will help in you getting the sell of that house. These photos are also something unique you can leave with the owners after they make the sale as memorabelia. This is also something you can use to help market your prorperty. The big hype these days is about drones. Use it.



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