Methodist Richardson Medical Center Construction is Under Way

The Richardson Methodist Medical facility has experienced high volumes recently as the hospital is at 100% occupancy. The facility is under sized for the demand and is officially going under construction, adding 4 floors to the main building. Construction is just getting under way and we were brought in to capture aerial photos and video of the site to map and process a 3D model of the structure. The construction company will be documenting the progress routinely throughout the process of completion.

Drones haven’t necessarily made documenting construction sites cheaper, but has helped provide value in unique ways. We can capture more quite efficiently. For this project, we captured oblique images, direct over head images of the entire site to process a 3D model, and aerial video for additional documentation and marketing purposes. Every construction company uses aerial photography in different ways. Many capture just a few aerial photos documenting the over all progress. Others look for more detailed photos. Processing aerial maps gives you a unique set of resources capturing 3 D models, providing measurement capabilities, calculating volumes of dirt or other materials, and more. Many like capturing unique aerial videography to show off there work to future clients.

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