Drone Residential Roof Inspections

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We perform high resolution detailed aerial inspections on shingle, slate, tile and metal roof structures for both residential and commercial buildings. The use of this technology can help you to affordably collect detailed documentation of present roof conditions observing hail, wind and water damaged areas without ever stepping a single foot on the roof. When dealing with dangerous or steep roofs, you can reduce risk by getting a clear understanding of the roofs condition before ever having to step foot on the structure.

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Drone Shingle Roof Inspections

If you are processing an insurance claim and need good documentation and representation as to the roofs condition, a drone survey could help you. Our detailed documentation process can easily help you see hail damage, degranulation, torn, missing, displaced or elevated shingle edges, see possible wet areas and more.

Drone Slate Roof Inspections

Slate is an impressive roofing material that stands the test of time, but it is not invincible. We have performed a number of slate roof inspections on both commercial and residential properties. We can easily observe cracked, missing, displaced and broken tiles caused by wind and hail damage. Wind is not often kind to these roof structures and conditions can be easily documented.

Drone Tile Roof Inspections

Tile roofs are most commonly found in tropical environments. We have performed quite a few UAV roof inspections observing wind damage on these structures. Like slate roofs, we can easily observe broken, cracked, displaced and missing tiles on the roof structure. As pictured above, a wind damaged tile roof can be very photogenic.

Check out our recent work and learn more about how we routinely work with roofing companies, consultants, engineers, adjusters, insurance carriers, lawyers, estimators and essentially commercial property owners providing value with our roof inspection services.

How UAV Non- Insulated Roof Inspections Works


Our drones are equipped with high resolution visible imagers capable of capturing 20 plus MP still shots. We put every structure, residential or commercial, through the same documentation process to ensure we document the entire roofs condition in great inspectable detail. Once our field and office work is completed, we have the ability to deliver a full package that includes overall images of the roof, every close up picture captured systematically used for the inspection process, a report that reviews our observations from the roofs condition noting damages, and a detailed measurement report.

How You Can Benefit From This Service

Obtain a roof measurement report that utilizes high resolution real time imagery rather than outdated blurry satellite images.

Gather high resolution organized aerial imagery documenting the roofs present condition for detailed review and analysis to show clients or insurance companies the actual condition.

Reduce your risk while increasing efficiency.

Why Choose Tarillo Vue

Our team is equipped with the latest in todays technology, certifications and education to perform successful thermal roof inspections. Our thermographers have training from Infraspection Institue, are certified FAA drone pilots and follow the ASTM standards for thermal imaging. We believe that training and education are important, but field experience is vital to understanding the different readings commercial roofs give off. We have seen a lot of different roofs and are almost always involved in the roof inspection process beyond just providing the thermal scan. By being able to get on the roof to test where we suspect areas to be wet and dry is always a learning experience as it helps is be able to better determine the areas that are wet on roofs inspected in the future.

Weather permitting, we can typically deliver a completed thermal roof scan report within 1- 2 weeks from the date it is contracted. We have offices conveniently located in Dallas, TX and Lakeland, FL that allow us to efficiently travel throughout the country helping our clients when project requests are time sensitive. We stand behind our work. We are particular about weather conditions to ensure you get the proper results on the first inspection.

If you have a roof that is 150,000 sq’ or larger, walking the roof to complete a thermal scan could take multiple nights. Our process is efficient as we can do up to a 500,000 sq’ roof effectively in one night. This saves you time and money. The use of a drone also allows us to be able to get multiple perspectives on where we suspect moisture to eliminate reflection and other interferences that negatively affect infrared surveys.

We are members of various roofing organizations for the purpose of growing our network and learning. I believe if you are not learning, you are not growing in life. The roofing industry is a unique world and every roof structure presents different challenges to be overcome. Below are a few of the organizations we are proud to be associate with.

Tarillo Vue provides roof inspection services for various companies throughout the country.

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