The Benefits of Thermal Imaging on Drones

Many have asked if aerial inspections can replace someone conducting inspections from the ground. I believe that rather than ever replacing jobs, it can help streamline a difficult process, prevent major disasters and properly educate the repair team of what is going on before they even step foot in the field. High resolution thermal imaging is nothing new to the inspection world, but the ability to use this technology with drones creates a whole new scale of opportunity for businesses to take advantage of.

The science behind thermal imaging is capturing and studying temperature differences. The temperature differences we study in the field can help us to identify an array of problems and even help you map out and identify where your underground pipes exist. What is not new to the technology of thermal imaging is its ability to spot pipes underground, identify over heating electrical problems, identify gas leaks, spot problems with roofs, or identify energy efficiency issues.

In short, TarilloVue has gone Infrared. So how do drones change the capabilities of this technology that already exists and how can that help your business.

Its not just a picture.

A common mistake made is when people think that UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) only take nice pictures and video footage. A drone with thermal capabilities can do much more. Safety is the most valuable reason for using this new technology. We can quickly inspect those hard to reach places that would require a ladder or bucket truck, determine gas leaks without putting someone in danger of inhaling deadly gases, and inspect structures that are in danger of collapsing. Second, we can provide more information than ever before. Map out an entire underground pipeline system while inspecting it for issues, map out an entire inspected power grid, get a complete overview of a buildings inspection for roof damage or energy loss, all while being able to inspect the specific details and issues.

How can it help your business?

Oil and Gas:

  • Map and Inspect Flow Lines and Central Batteries: Many oil wells, both new and old, do not have proper documentation of where the flow lines run. With Infrared camera’s it is east to identify and map out an entire fields worth of flow lines. We are able to not only able t0 locate where these lines are in the field, but we can also inspect them for leaks. The images captured are GEO referenced, so we can provide you with exactly where in the field the problems exist.
  • Pipeline inspections: Weather you are trying to track down a specific problem or are looking for routine monitoring, utilizing drones with thermal imaging can provide you with more detail than you have ever been able to have at your finger tips. We are able to detect gas leaks that are otherwise a dangerous, tedious and difficult task to accomplish. An Article from states, “If a liquid is leaking from a pipe and the location of the leak is unknown, an aerial IR survey can be used to find the leak. Even if the pipe itself cannot be seen on the surface, it may be possible to see the leaking liquid and narrow the search to a relatively small area.” This also applies with gas leaks. Gas leaks equate to dangerous situations, environmental issues and even revenue loss.
  • Aerial Mapping for Drilling Sites/ Existing Assets: With the advanced technology we have at our fingertips, we can now provide high resolution maps with an accuracy of 2- 3cm. This can only help you in getting a new site approved for development by the government. It can provide you with a high resolution image of what exists and provide measurements of proposed disposal areas, wells, tanks and more while showing what exists in the field before the project begins. Once the project is completed and the well has proven flow, we can provide an updated aerial map of the site so you have proper documentation of what exists in the field for that wells file.

Public Insurance Adjusters/Realestate Owners/ Structural Engineers:

  • Roof Inspections: As an Insurance Adjuster or property owner, you are looking for anything you can find to help you get the insurance company to pay what is due on a roof claim. We can help you to identify and showcase every detail that is wrong with the roof, providing visual documented proof of the issues that exist on both the interior and exterior.
  • Energy Loss Study: We have the ability to check roof damage and calculate energy loss. According to the, “The drone can also be deployed very quickly and capture the necessary footage in hard-to-reach places much faster than a human could. A typical drone flight can be completed in 5 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the building.”

Utilities/ Electrical Providers:

  • Inspecting Electrical Systems and Grids: We can more efficiently inspect a power grids lightning arrestors that are failing before they cause a power outage from failure. We can study power line sag, inspect for defects and any discoloration on the power lines and more. This process reduces risk, saves time and provides more valuable information for your line crew to get straight to the problem at hand before your customers experience a power outage.

UAV’S are changing the world of inspections. From safety to efficiency there is no comparison. We are excited to take this new step in the business and look forward to giving our customers more useful information. To learn more about how this can be a benefit to your business, give us a call at (214) 842-6000.



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