The Benefits of Using Drones for Building Envelope Inspections

Drones are providing value throughout many industries. Companies who perform building envelope and curtain wall inspections could greatly benefit from this technology.

Here we look to explore the technologies capabilities and the benefits of using this technology in different situations

Let’s let Drone Technology Work for You

thermal roofing imaging dallasWith today’s long flight time capabilities in drones, you can pretty quickly capture highly detailed imagery of a roofs condition that can be easily reviewed and studied in the office.

You can deploy drones with thermal and visible imagers. Thermal imagers are capable of capturing both video and photos at a resolution of 640x 512 pixels. Visible imagers can capture 4k video and 21mp still shots.

There are even cameras on the market today that have 30x optical zoom capabilities that are designed specifically for drones. Roof imaging can be captured autonomously ensuring you capture images systematically. These images can then be stitched and processed for larger roof systems giving you the ability to run calculations and measurements as needed.

Benefits: Safety, Time and Money

curtain wall inspection

When performing building envelope inspections, being able to physically put your hands on the problems that exist can’t be replaced.

However, there are many situations where budgets and time constraints do not make it possible to perform your inspection effectively or safely by hand. Renting and using lifts, scaffolds or hoisting over the side of a building can be quite costly and time consuming to both setup and use for the inspection.

Drone technology can be highly beneficial if inspections are needed for the due diligence process or a building owner needs preliminary information before deciding to remodel or perform repairs. We can systematically fly and capture images from multiple angles and distances from the building, allowing you to see every detail.

These images can be reviewed in detail multiple times from the office and helps provide a good visual representation as to the condition of what was inspected for reporting.

No, you can’t perform measurements on problematic areas or put your hands on it, but it does provide you with good preliminary data to help make decisions on what’s next. On certain structures, the use of thermal imaging can even be highly advantageous for determining where water damage is present within the walls. The presence of moisture indicates an external problem that verifies what we identify with the visible images.

Building Envelope Inspection Services

Using drones to capture thermal images of the building envelope can be highly advantageous as it helps show the extent of moisture damage from a zoomed out perspective rather than being so close up with a hand held camera. You can also quickly and efficiently document everything around the entire building from different angles and distances.

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