The New Mavic 2 Pro – Our Fleet is Growing!

We have a new addition to the drone fleet family here at Tarillo Vue! Every piece of equipment and drone has a specific purpose. We acquired a DJI Mavic 2 Pro for the purpose of flying indoors and helping us perform inspections safely and efficiently in tight spaces. This drone was just released on the market and offers 31 minute flight times with an impressive Hasselblad camera capable of 4K video footage and 20mp still shots. For as small as this drone is, a camera with full motion gimbal and a 1” sensor is pretty impressive! With unique blade designs, this drone flies super quite compared to alternative UAV’s. With the ability to affix prop guards to protect the rotors in tight spaces and 3rd party spot lights, this little drone becomes quite the work horse for what we need. Because of its impressive size, we decided to nick name this little guy Shorty.
Coming up, we have an opportunity to deploy drones to help perform bridge inspections. Bearing pads are the biggest concern and interest, but also the most difficult to inspect because of its location. Our plan is to deploy the Mavic 2 Pro with a robust prop guard, camera guard, and two, 1500 lumen spot lights to help safely get up close to what we are inspecting and light up these tight dark places. We are hoping for the best, but feel quite confident this idea will get the job done for the client, saving them an incredible amount of time and money.

Grapevine, Texas

We are always asked to fly indoors creating a variety of tricky situations to navigate. Our main priority is safety. It might take a lot for our pilots to feel uncomfortable flying, but we know our limits. As much as we want to help you get the desired shot, if we don’t feel comfortable, we don’t fly. Having this new drone to help out means we will be a whole lot more comfortable doing almost any kind of flying indoors having the propellers protected from other obstructions we could accidentally bump into.

Stay tuned to see some work we will be producing this week putting “Shorty” to the test and will soon be testing him out on bridge inspections. We love acquiring new equipment to better serve our clients safely and efficiently. If you have a unique idea you think drones could help more efficiently complete a project, give us a call and we can brain storm a great way to accomplish the task for you!
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